About myself

I am a dedicated data scientist with extensive experience in industry. Currently, I work as an R&D consultant at Savantic AB, where my focus areas include physics-inspired solutions, data-driven solutions, machine learning and AI, software development, and hardware and sensors. My expertise lies in employing advanced algorithms and techniques to extract meaningful insights from vast datasets.

I am skilled in statistical analysis and programming, utilizing tools such as modeling, simulation, machine learning, and automation. I thrive on exploring novel concepts and strategies, constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Astroparticle Physics

Cosmic Rays - Gamma Rays - Dark Matter

My research expertise is associated to the indirect search of Dark Matter (DM) with Cosmic Rays (CRs) and gamma-rays. Connected to indirect probes of particle DM is a precise understanding of the expected astrophysical background. Therefore, in practice improving and modelling of Galactic and extragalactic sources and the propagation of CRs and gamma-rays is an important part of my research.



A long-time passion!

I discovered my love for sailing at the tender age of nine, navigating the waters in a small boat known as the Optimist. As I grew older, my passion for the sport only intensified. By the time I turned twelve, I had already delved into the exhilarating world of competitive sailing within the International FJ Class. This exciting journey led me to regularly participate in both national and international regattas, pushing myself to the limits. For me, sailing isn't just a sport; it's a beautiful amalgamation of athleticism and strategy. Beyond the thrill of racing, sailing has become an avenue to forge incredible friendships, with each event providing an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share the same deep-seated passion.