About myself

I am a dedicated data scientist with a strong background in astroparticle physics. My passion lies in employing advanced algorithms and techniques to extract meaningful insights. I am adept at extracting fundamental information from vast datasets

by statistical analysis and programming as well as using tools like modeling, simulation, machine learning and automatization. I enjoy exploring novel concepts and strategies, constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Astroparticle Physics

Cosmic Rays - Gamma Rays - Dark Matter

My research expertise is associated to the indirect search of Dark Matter (DM) with Cosmic Rays (CRs) and gamma-rays. Connected to indirect probes of particle DM is a precise understanding of the expected astrophysical background. Therefore, in practice improving and modelling of Galactic and extragalactic sources and the propagation of CRs and gamma-rays is an important part of my research.



A long-time passion!

I learned how to sail at the age of nine years in a small boat called Optimist. From the age of twelve I started racing in the Internationl FJ Class regularly competing in national and internatinal regattas. For me, sailing is about meeting friends and a wonderful combination of sports and tactics.